Watercolor on the Run

The first time I encountered the American Southwest, specifically the Colorado Plateau in the four corners region, I was knocked out by the scale, space, light, color and the fantastic stone formations that dotted the horizon. This ever changing desert landscape along with its red rock canyons and geologic monuments has a mystical quality that is truly beyond imagination. As an artist and designer I became obsessed with transferring these impressions into the medium of watercolor. Working on site (plein air) utilizing my skill in watercolor and drawing from my background as a graphic designer I have focused my energy on producing work somewhere between documentation and personal expression. As my work in the Southwest evolves I see more expressive watercolor images surfacing within my imagination to match the eternal imagination I see out there across the shimmering red desert and the cobalt blue sky.  ~ Terry Lacy

*excerpted from 3 Indiana Artists Exhibit Proposal 3 INDIANA ARTISTS EXHIBIT PROPOSAL 8 03 15 frontsm

 Terry travels to the Four Corner's region annually for inspiration among the hoodoos, arches, and sandstone formations.

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